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Privacy Policy

Privacy Guaranteed

Website - This one is easy. I use GA4, just live everyone. I should probably use something else but thats the easiest. If you want to let us know you visited, send us an email. It's cool. We like to know who is interested in our work.

If you contact us using the form below, or from any other page, that information is sent to via a third-party mailer (Mailgun). If you don't want to use the form, you can email us at it all goes to the same location.

Blog links on the front page link to Medium. They likely use lots of trackers. We don't know. Same thing applies here, if you want the information we are happy to send it to you directly.

Logo and are trademarks of (us). Please don't use them without permission. Anything else is fair game. If you find the site valuable, please share it with your friends and colleagues.

Terms of Use

Using your Software

Well this is where it gets complicated. We make software prototypes for you to use. The terms written here apply to the use of the software, and form the basis of an agreement between you and us ( A separate contract will be signed before the work starts, but here are the concepts.

1. We will build a prototype for you to use. It is not designed to be coommercial software, so there may be bugs, security issues and stability issues. This is a prototype, not a finished product. The prototype can be hosted for up to 1 year on our servers. After that, we will provide you with the code and you can host it yourself. If you exceed a reasonable demand on our servers, we will ask you to cover some of the costs.

2. owns the infrastucture, you own the code and your data. We have no interest in sharing your data and if you'd like we can sign an NDA. After the term (1 year) we delete all data, code and information related to your project. Nothing personal, we just like to ensure that we don't have any data that we don't need.

3. will not use your data for any purpose other than explicit agreement with you. We will not sell your data, use it for training, or use it for any other purpose than to provide you with the service you have requested. In the event that there is any concerns feel free to refer to this as Exhibit A in court

3a. However we may use commercial LLMs (Language Models) within your project. It will be discussed with you beforehand. Those companies like OpenAI, CoHere, etc.. may use your data for training their models. We have no control over that. If you have concerns, we are happy to roll together a local model that can be exclusively used by you. That will be an extra cost.

4. The world is tough enough, we don't need to make it any more complicated. reserves the right to refuse any project for any reasons. We won't work on anything illegal, immoral or generally bad for the world. We are not lawyers (painfully obvious if you are still reading) but we are people, and believe that we should all benefit from AI. In the event that things change on your project, we will always return your investment, data and code. No hard feelings.

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