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A Unified AI Workspace.
Built for Teams

Bridge is designed for businesses in non-tech industries looking to explore and implement AI solutions without disruption. With our intuitive web-based app, you can create, host, and manage AI agents and workflows effortlessly.

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manage diverse technologies

One interface for all your AI models

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Implement AI Anywhere

All Your AI Tools in One Place

Bridge is a platform that makes AI accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level. With Bridge, you can leverage the power of AI without the need for expensive infrastructure or specialized personnel.

Skip the Vendor Lock-In

Our platform works with OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, and other leading AI models, so you can choose the best model for your needs

Multiple Models - One Price

Skip the license fees for multiple models. With Bridge, you can access multiple models for one low price.

Graphical Workflow Designer

Build complex flows with our easy-to-use graphical workflow designer. No coding required.

Native RAG Integration

Bring your own files and data with our native RAG integration. No custom work required.

Team Collaboration

All models, data, and workflows are shared with your team. Teams can create, edit, and share models and workflows.

Improved Chat Functionality

Improved chat functionality that lets you choose the foundation model that fits your needs.

Invest in ideas, not tools

Comprehensive solution for prototyping, testing and innovating your AI programs

Empower your team to develop, deploy and leverage AI in your organization. With minimal effort and investment

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Simple Data Integration

Whether you're dealing with basic files or extensive data lakes, Bridge allows you to seamlessly pull in corporate knowledge. Securely access and utilize your data across various AI models and applications.

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Manage Diverse AI Technologies

From Amazon Bedrock to OpenAI, our platform supports a wide array of large language models, ML tools and processes. Allowing you to work with the tools that best fit your workflow.

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Deploy Organization Wide

As a web-based platform, Bridge enables you to deploy AI models and workflows throughout your organization with ease. Scale your AI initiatives without the need for complex installations or specialized hardware.

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