Not sure about adopting ai?

Fast-track your AI initiatives with our rapid prototyping service.

Let our experience prove the value of AI by testing, refining and validating your ideas before making investments. We will help you build a custom AI prototype usually in less than a week. Faster time to market, lower risk, and lower cost.

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Getting Started

Bringing your AI concept to life has never been easier.

AI can transform your business, but doing it correctly can be challenging. We'll position you for success by building MVP prototypes and models to help you springboard your ideas.

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Scope Your Idea

First step is to scope out your idea. We'll work with you to work with your goals but also work with the existing capabilities of AI.

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Prototype and Deploy

Once we have a goal in mind, we can build out the prototype and deploy it. Typically within a single week. Applications are available as a chat widget, ChatGPT plugin, API or interfaces that you have decided.

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Now with a working prototype, we can work with you to validate the idea, and communicate the benefits from your data-driven analysis.

Invest in ideas, not tools


abstract image of ocean waves in sunset has the tools and the experience to build, deploy and mananage your AI projects. We've built out the infrastructure to handle all the complexities in AI/ML applications. Focus on the ideas, and we'll handle the rest.

Data Pipeline and Lake

Getting your data into a usable format is the first step in any AI/ML project. We run a compliant, secure cloud-data lake and pipeline that can easily bring your data into a usable format.

Vector Database(s)

AI/ML require data stored in a way that allows them understand the context of the data. Our high-performance vector databases can dramatically improve the performance of your ML applications and provide a boost to your apps quality.

High-Performance Compute

AI/ML apps are resource intensive. We sandbox your applications within a secure container and once you are ready for production, those containers can quickly be moved to a scalable cluster.

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