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On a Mission to Empower AI Teams

AI is radically transforming the way we do work and engage with others, and we are only starting to see its full impact and potential.

But adopting AI usually means consultants, studies and massive investments in infrastructure, training and data. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Discontinuity.AI can prototype an application in a matter of days, and give it to your team to evaluate. Faster speed means your move faster and can implement AI cheaper. Know the impact of AI before you invest in it.

“Using generative AI (like ChatGPT) in business improves users’ performance by 66%, averaged across 3 case studies. More complex tasks have bigger gains, and less-skilled workers benefit the most from AI use.”

Jacob Nielsen, Nielsen Norman Group

Getting Started

How the Process Works

Ready to launch that AI prototype? Great! Ensuring the success of the prototype is equal parts technology and product strategy. Based on years of experience building, deploying and creating software experiences, Discontinuity.AI has distilled this down to a simple 3 step process.

  • Understand Your Goals and Outcomes Having a plan is always good. It keeps us focused on the things that matter. Spending the time upfront to clearly spell out what you are focused on will help determine how to ensure we are building the right things. Sure that sounds like consultant talk, but in order to have a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) you will need to know what Minimum and Viable mean.
  • Choose Data, Model and Output This becomes the fun part, like picking which pizza toppings would be perfect. We will work with you to determine what needs to be done to achieve your MVP. The three sources we need to work through are;
    • What is Your Data Source? AI is based upon data. Getting that data into a format digestable by the AI model is important. We have a huge array of options to work here from direct API connections, to text files, images or PDFs.
    • What AI Model Do You Need? AI models cover a huge range from small and focused, to massive generalized LLMs. We have the expertise to help you select the model that considers your privacy, budget, performance and scaling concerns.
    • How are the Results Delivered? Out of the box we have API, javascript widgets, or (coming soon) Zapier integration. We want to help make AI useful, and that means making Discontinuity.AI part of your workflow. Chatbots like the one on this page, are included in each of the packages and are a simple easy way to get started.
  • Build It Armed with a goals, data and some strategies, Discontinuity.AI will build you a custom project in usually a week (Hey we aren't robots here.) The rapid turnover gives you a chance to seem how things are turning out.
  • Measure and Provide Learnings The final step is making sure the project meets your needs by measuring the outcome against your goals from above. You will get access to a performance data about your model and can even send that data to systems that you rely on.

Having a prototype will arm you with data to help make the business case for AI. Having a strategy will ensure you can execute on the vision. Having a plan will ensure you can deliver on the strategy. Discontinuity.AI can help you with all three, for less than the price that over-paid consultant is charging you for dinner.(Note to overpriced consultants: hey, if you need help with your AI, we can help you too! We offer Strategic Solutions to AI - Strategilutions. Wow we should really consider that consulting thing. )

Whats the catch?

No catches. AI app in a week. We've built processes and tools around all the boring parts of AI so we can focus all of our efforts on solving your problems. Discontinuity.AI has a full data store, vector database, hosting cluster, and all the infrastructure to make it work nicely. We've spent the time so you don't have to. Plus, we have AI to help us with the coding!

Well a couple catches..
  • First: We're a small company with big ideas but meagre budgets. We can host your MVP but we can't support it forever. We will host your solution for up to a year, and hold you to reasonable limits on traffic (see our terms) If you need more than an MVP, we are happy to talk about a powerful, scalable solution with you.
  • Second: AI is a fantastically powerful tool that can provide amazing insight into your data. There is almost no limit to what AI can achieve, but there are limits to what work Discontinuity.AI will do. We believe in AI being beneficial for all people and as such we reserve the right to refuse any work, even after it has started. You will be refunded the full amount, no harm no foul.
Invest in ideas, not tools

Why Discontinuity.ai?

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Discontinuity.ai has the tools and the experience to build, deploy and mananage your AI projects. We've built out the infrastructure to handle all the complexities in AI/ML applications. Focus on the ideas, and we'll handle the rest.

Data Pipeline and Lake

Getting your data into a usable format is the first step in any AI/ML project. We run a compliant, secure cloud-data lake and pipeline that can easily bring your data into a usable format.

Vector Database(s)

AI/ML require data stored in a way that allows them understand the context of the data. Our high-performance vector databases can dramatically improve the performance of your ML applications and provide a boost to your apps quality.

High-Performance Compute

AI/ML apps are resource intensive. We sandbox your applications within a secure container and once you are ready for production, those containers can quickly be moved to a scalable cluster.

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